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Automotive Switch

Who We Are

Leading Automotive Switch Supplier

With the increasing demand for automobiles, PNH Auto Parts has become a leading supplier of switches to the automotive industry. Our experience and expertise in switch manufacturing have resulted in products that are not only cost-effective but also meet the highest quality standards.

Custom Support

Detailed, reliable, and responsive customer support is always available to answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

Technical Support

Knowledgeable technical support representatives are here to provide you with answers to your questions about our products.

Technical Advantages

State-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques allow us to offer you the best possible product at a competitive price.

Why PNH Car Switch

There are many reasons to choose PNH Auto Parts as your automotive electrical switch supplier. Our experience, quality, customer service, technical support, and competitive pricing are just a few of the reasons you should consider us. Moreover, we have an extensive product catalog that covers a wide range of applications.

No matter what your automotive switch needs are, PNH Auto Parts is your best choice. We provide you with the right parts, the right service, and the right price.

Competitive Pricing

Low-cost automotive switches manufacturing for competitive pricing.

Premium Quality

The highest quality standards of switches for automotive.

Wide Selection

An extensive product option that covers a wide range of applications.

For 15 Years We Have Been Creating Customized Automotive Switch Manufacturing Solution

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend PNH Automotive Switch over time.

PNH Custom Automotive Switches

Get the exact switch you need with our custom switch manufacturing capabilities. Get in touch with our engineering and design to discuss your specific requirements. PNH Auto Parts is your one-stop shop for all your automotive switch needs.

Automotive Switch Testing

PNH Automotive Switches are tested rigorously to ensure products will work under the most extreme conditions. Our in-house testing facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that our products meet or exceed your expectations. That means that when you purchase a PNH Automotive Switch, you can be confident that it will perform as expected, no matter how challenging the conditions are.

Our professional team works to increase productivity on the market.
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