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Chevy Turn Signal Switch

The Chevy turn signal switch from PNH regulates your car’s headlight and turn signal operation together. 
  • Long-Lasting and Reliable
  • Constructed with High-Grade Materials
  • Broad Range of Use
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Why PNH Chevy Turn Signal Switch?

The turn signals on a car are turned on with this switch. PNH integrates cutting-edge automotive research and application into our product manufacturing process to guarantee that this gadget will perform its functions as effectively as possible.
  • PNH Chevrolet turn signal switch replacement offers on and off functions that make it easy for you to turn signals on and off. They are simple to maintain and use.
  • Our turn signal switch offers the capacity to alter the direction of the vehicle by offering a switching mechanism that enables the driver to signal a turn. The turn signal lights connected to these switches let other drivers know which way the car is turning.
  • The PNH 1955 Chevy turn signal switch is made to give other drivers a clear and visible signal when you are turning, which can help prevent accidents. These switches can be activated with a simple push or pull and are typically found on the steering column or the dashboard.
  • The markings and controls on the Chevrolet turn signal switch are the same as those on your factory part. Install this switch in its place after removing the original combo switch from the wall. Although this is not an actual OEM component, it is a straight chevy turn signal switch replacement and will look, fit, and function just like the original.

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