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Ford Door Lock Cylinder

With PNH Ford door lock cylinder, reestablish how simple and convenient locking and unlocking your Ford vehicle was.
  • Our door lock cylinder is constructed of premium four-in-one zinc material, which has exceptional strength and hardness and is more resistant to rust and lag.
  • The Ford door lock actuator is a perfect fit for your car, and the keys are simple to turn. To facilitate installation, the dimensions and specs have been maintained from the original.
  • Each Ford door lock cylinder repair only takes a few minutes to do on both sides and doesn’t require any special tools.
Our Location

No. 59 TongJi Street,Shuige Development Zone,Lishui, Zhejiang Province,China

Quick Contact

Email: info@carswitchmfg.com
Call Us : +86-578-2709998

Why Choose PNH for Ford Door Lock Cylinder?

The entire car is unusable if your door lock cylinder mechanism or lock cylinder breaks down. Ford door lock cylinders are made to guard against theft and risky driving conditions. PNH is the supplier to rely on for premium door locks for your vehicle. We guarantee that you will receive a lock cylinder replacement that is inexpensive, dependable, and available at a fair price.
  • In keeping with our commitment to customer satisfaction and our willingness to answer any questions about our products, PNH provides a 12-month guarantee and lifelong technical assistance.
  • Our car door lock cylinder’s high-wear parts are composed of improved polymers that offer greater lubrication, and integrated DLAs include electronics and connectors that are corrosion-resistant.

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