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Ford Gas Cap

PNH Ford Gas Cap is a part used to lock or seal the gasoline tanks and stop contamination and fuel evaporation.
  • Features mechanisms for pressure relief that allow pressure to leave and stop fuel vapors from leaving the fuel system.
  • Contains vacuum relief characteristics that prevent leaks from happening, and permits rotation in crashes from 60° to 180°.
  • The breakaway feature of the gas cap enables correct O-ring compression
  • One-Click Torque Technology, used by PNH’s gas caps, gives customers an audible “one-click” function.
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No. 59 TongJi Street,Shuige Development Zone,Lishui, Zhejiang Province,China

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Email: info@carswitchmfg.com
Call Us : +86-578-2709998

Why Choose PNH to Buy Ford Gas Cap

PNH offers a Ford fuel cap that is OE-style, high-quality and meets or exceeds all original equipment performance requirements. ensures a tight seal to keep the gasoline tank of your Ford vehicle closed, improve fuel efficiency, and lessen vapor emissions. Our gas caps are 100% brand new and prepared for installation right out of the box.
  • Our locking fuel caps are environmentally responsible goods
  • PNH’s Ford F150 gas caps are dependable and high caliber
  • Every Ford Ranger gas cap is constructed with durable materials and the caps’ metal barrels offer the greatest degree of durability.
  • 2017 Ford Explorer locking gas cap can treat the surface to avoid corrosion and prevent urea corrosion
  • Every gas cap lock has color-coding identification features that make it simple to distinguish.

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